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The Power

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  • Do you Want to Make a Difference?: Well look no further! Yuhme’s water bottles are made from sugarcane, CO2 negative, and for every bottle we sell we give 6 months of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic via our USA based charity partner Water for Good.
  • Made in Sweden: Our Yuhme water bottles are produced in Sweden. What? I hear you say. Not in China? No, that’s right. We produce in a country where workers are so well paid that they sip pina coladas on the beach 5 weeks out of the year whilst receiving full pay. What a novelty! Environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and made NOT in China.
  • Inspiration for “The Power:”. Inspiration for the design of The Power bottle was sparked from the ice cracking and lava erupting out of a volcano. The Power inside you is always within reach.
  • On the Move With You: Heading to yoga? Going to the gym for a workout? Adventuring into our beautiful world? Or maybe you simply want to take a fresh cold drink to work? Yuhme moves with you.
  • You Can Make a Water Bottle out of Sugarcane???: Yes, we did just that! Sugarcane is Co2 negative and saves us from drinking out of single use plastic bottles. Every time you fill up your Yuhme water bottle, you’re helping the environment and keeping plastic out of our beautiful oceans!