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Where can I find out more information about a brand?

You can visit our Brand Directory or the brand's website if you'd like more detailed information.

What kind of brand suggestions are you looking for?

Besides being conscious brands, they should be vegan-friendly. They don't necessarily have to be 100% vegan, though that is something we prefer.

For cosmetic brands, please only submit those that are natural, non-toxic and that list all their ingredients. A resource we recommend for determining how safe a product is: https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/.

And before submitting, please check our directory to make sure it isn't a brand we've already listed.

Is everything vegan?

Yes! We only post vegan-friendly items. That being said, we are human, so please be sure to let us know if we accidentally overlooked something and we'll take it down immediately!

Even the subscription boxes? What about subscription boxes from non vegan brands?

LOVE GOODLY, Petit Vour and ZEGO are all 100% vegan brands, so their subscription boxes are definitely vegan.

Any subscription boxes from non-vegan brands we've listed are 99.9% likely to be vegan:

  • The Sand Cloud subscription is just a t-shirt and socks. So nothing to worry about there.
  • RawSpiceBar uses only pure spices in their blends, no salt or additives, so they are vegan-friendly (as of the time of writing this). From the titles, some of the spice blends might seem non-vegan (e.g. Pork BBQ Dry Rib Rub), however the ingredients themselves are completely vegan.
  • The Pura Vida Jewelry Club subscription products are just made out of metals and stones.
  • The Pura Vida Monthly Club bracelets subscription is also very highly likely to be vegan as they don't currently carry any non-vegan bracelets.

That being said, because we don't know exactly what will be in each month's box, we cannot guarantee for sure that they will vegan-friendly. We recommend inquiring with each non-vegan brand's subscription service about their materials/ingredients and asking if there's any possible substitutions in the unlikely event that a box contains something non-vegan.

Do you sell any products?

Not currently. All items on this site are listings only. If you find an item with an Add to Cart button next to it, please alert us so that we can fix this.

I love this website! How can I support you?

Thank you! You can support us by making purchases through our affiliate links, leaving reviews, following us on social media or spreading the word about our website to your family and friends.

Do you list sale prices?

Due to the number of brands and products we list, we are unable to update the prices to keep up with all the sales and promotions that may be going on. All the prices listed are regular prices. Please click through to the brand's website to see if a product is on sale or not.

You can also visit our Deals/Coupons page to check out some of the deals going on.

A product was listed as $50, but when I clicked on it the website said €50?

Unfortunately we are unable to display multiple currency signs on the website.

We do not use converted prices and always list the store's default local price, even if it's in a different currency, so that our pricing remains accurate regardless of exchange rates. Also, not all stores offer converted prices, so it just makes more sense using the default prices. What this means is that their might be some discrepancy between currency signs, but otherwise the actual price figure should match.

Keep in mind that some stores auto-convert their currency depending on the customer's location and do not give you the ability to manually change the currency. That means that if you are not a domestic customer, the price you see on their store might be different than that in our listing, which will always display the default/domestic price. If you'd like to see the default currency, you can try refreshing the page and in most cases you should be able to see it for a brief second.

In short, always refer to the linked website for the true price and if you notice a discrepancy between theirs and ours, it could either be because of the above or simply because they've changed their prices.

I have a website, but I only sell things in person. Is it possible for you to list my products?

Unfortunately, no, but we'd still love to work with you! Click here to see some of the advertising opportunities we can offer you.

Do you work with restaurants?

Yes! Click here to see some of the advertising opportunities we can offer you.

I'm a Youtuber/Blogger. Can I work with you?

Yes! If you have products you're selling, we can list or advertise some of them. We can also advertise your channel or blog. Click here for more info.

If you're selling a self-published book, we do require copies/samples of whatever you're interested in us listing so that we can assess if it's a good fit or not. We prefer books that follow traditional publishing conventions, so if your book is only 30 or 50 pages long, we most likely won't list it.