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Want to Promote Your Company?

We can help get your brand seen. To work with us, email us at contact@thechangedistrict.com or DM us on Instagram or Facebook. These are some of the things we can offer you:

  • Product feature*: Your product will be featured on our home page.
  • Blog post feature: We'll post an article about your product or brand and feature it on our homepage. Please send the article you'd like for us to post.
  • Video ad featured on our homepage
  • Product listing(s)*: We'll add your products and brand to our directory. (Free if you have an affiliate program or you give us a shoutout on your social media.)
  • Sponsored social media post
  • App/Service Reviews: you'll need give us access to your app/service that you'd like us to review.
  • We can co-host/promote a giveaway
  • Or anything else! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

* Must be selling your product(s) online. If you only sell in person, or you want to promote a restaurant (vegan only), app, service, etc., please pick from one of the options not marked with an asterisk. The exception is Etsy shops/products - at the moment we are only promoting them on our social media.