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JUST Water Infused - Citrus Variety Pack (Pack of 12)

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JUST Water

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  • INFUSED WITH CITRUS ESSENCE: Our natural alkaline spring water is infused with USDA organic lemons & tangerines. We use a distillation process where we boil the citrus, and collect the vapor. We also add a dash of essential oil and some botanical extract to get the flavor just right. This natural spring water has zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives, and zero sweeteners, which means zero calories!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: JUST Water is natural still spring water that comes from Glens Falls, NY. It has a pH of 8.0, so it’s naturally alkaline.Their watershed collects 3 billion gallons of water a year. We only bottle a fraction of the excess, and pay for it at 6X the municipal water rate, which puts money back into their community. We’re proudly B Corp certified.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE PLANT-BASED BOTTLE: 82% of the bottle is made from plants. The cap is made from sugarcane. The bottle is made from paper that comes from FSC-certified forests—that means that the paper pulp we use to make it comes from trees that are responsibly harvested, and then replanted. When the bottle gets recycled, it goes on to become tissues, paper towels, even building materials! Check to see how your local community handles bottle recycling.
  • REFILLABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: We designed the bottle with a wider neck, which makes it easy to refill as many times as you like! The bottle is made from renewable materials, which contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • GREAT TASTING ALTERNATIVE TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC: most single use plastic bottles are made with petroleum, which can take thousands of years to regenerate. Oil drilling & aluminum mining are contributing factors to CO2 emissions, air & ocean pollution. That’s why we wanted to use materials that regrow quickly on their own under in partnership with Rainforest Alliance and with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council).