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Hush + Dotti Organic Black Mascara

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Hush + Dotti

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Lush, luxe, long lashes are yours with this versatile formula. Apply a coat or two for a clean, natural look. More can be applied to create a more voluminous lash. This formula will also lengthen while enhancing your lashes. Best yet, with our nontoxic formula it’s perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It’s water resistant formula is long lasting and super gentle.

When shopping for the right mascara you can feel a lot like Goldilocks – this one is too thin, that one is too thick – nothing can feel quite right. Our versatile formula is perfect for solving that problem. You can apply a light amount for a clean, natural looking lash. You can go ahead and build it up in layers for a more dramatic look without the worry of it clumping. Best part is that our nontoxic formula is easy to remove, great for sensitive eyes, allergy prone eyes and contact lens wearers. Water resistant & long lasting, too. Vegan and Gluten Free.