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Himalayan Salt Lotus Lamp

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A calming Zen style, this 100% natural Himalayan salt lotus flower sculpture creates a unique and functional lamp. When lit, it produces a soft amber light, and the heat generated by the 25 watt bulb causes the salt to naturally ionize the air bringing freshness to your room. This Himalayan salt lamp produces a most soothing and calming aura in the room. It is ideal for living room, your bedroom, bathroom, or office.

  • Himalayan salt lamps are natural producers of negative ion. Negative ions boost the flow of oxygen to the brain. It is believed that the result of this action causes decreased drowsiness, higher alertness, and more mental energy. The unique combination of a light source and salt in the lamps is what produces the negative ions that refresh your home.
  • 100% natural real Himalayan salt
  • You can leave your lamp on all the time to help refresh your home
  • To clean, wipe with a damp towel or sponge to remove any dust and allow the salt sculpture to air dry
  • Lamp measures approximately 5" Diameter x 6.5" High