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Exceptional Oats

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Our Exceptional Oats are a blank canvas for you to dress up however you’d like from traditional morning oatmeal to baking. They make an incredibly creamy oat milk too. You’ll have fun creating new ways to use them! They have no added sugar or flavorings, so you can chose how to use them.

Our Exceptional Oats are Kosher, Organic, hulless, and raw with live enzymes and they contain 100% more protein than standard oats! And are grown using the Purity Protocol, a superior gluten-free growing process that removes cross contact potential right in the field.

But what is Purity Protocol, and how does it remove the potential for cross contact? Here’s how.  The variety of oats our farmers grow is shorter than wheat and barely, so when the plants shoot up, but before they sprout grains, the farm workers hand pick any wheat and barley from the field – removing the potential of cross contract in the field.  Every batch is tested for allergen and gluten cross contact and every harvest is tested for over 400 agricultural chemicals and glyphosate. Our farmers have also signed contracts with us to not use Round Up on their fields, so we don’t have the chemicals drift onto our oats. Scan the QR code on any package to be taken to the test results.

Because our oats are hulless, they have an enzyme called lipase that can develop a bitter note. Not all oats are high in lipase. If your oats have this bitter note, neutralize it with hot water–either pouring hot water on them or cooking them in water. Baking them in batters that contains liquid also works. Toasting them dry does not remove bitterness and can actually enhance it.