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Chocolate Chip Coconut Protein Minis

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  • ✅ HEALTHY, DELICIOUS PROTEIN – 3 pouches of 6 mini bars of high protein of chocolate chips and coconut that provide you the energy and vitamins you need for workout or an active day. Fair-trade chocolate chips and the coconut high protein bar deeply enhance the flavor of the classic chocolate taste. The soft, chewy texture will melt in your mouth and the pea protein chips give a much needed crunch
  • ✅ 24% DIETARY FIBERS – Fibers are known to promote regularity, control blood sugar spikes, and help you feel full longer
  • ✅ ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS – NO PRESERVATIVES – Our protein bars are Non-GMO Certified, vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, made in USA in small batches, with minimal processing and natural ingredients
  • ✅ DO YOU FOLLOW A FAT LOSS DIET? STOP RIGHT THERE – With just 57 calories per mini bar, they are just what you need! The perfect mini size treat in a resealable pouch that you can securely re-open at any point and spread those moments of joy throughout the day
  • ✅ HIGH ENERGY SUPPLY FOR ATHLETES AND GO GETTERS – If you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or you just like to work out and have an active life, these coconut bars are just what your body needs to keep you energized in a healthy way. Coconut is an excellent source of fiber and minerals. It’s also digested differently than any