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BagPodz Reusable Bag and Storage System - Cayenne Red (Contains 5 Bags)

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BagPodz is the ultimate eco-friendly solution for reducing waste from non-degradable plastic grocery bags. This compact BagPodz system includes one storage "pod" loaded with either 5 or 10 reusable bags - enough to carry all your groceries from a trip to the supermarket. To enhance your shopping experience, simply store your bags in the pod and clip onto your cart while you shop. Once at checkout, unzip and start pulling bags out as needed. BagPodz will have you bidding farewell to the clutter caused by multiple reusable bags.

All BagPodz materials are sustainably produced, and every material in the product is Bluesign certified, meaning all harmful substances are eliminated through the entire manufacturing process. The water-repellent material prevents spills, and if a spill does occur, cleanup is easy! All bags are machine washable.