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Trying Veganuary? These Tips Will Help

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If you're reading this that means you're probably trying Veganuary, and for that we commend you because we know switching to a vegan diet isn't always easy. That's why we've come up with a few tips to help you have a successful Veganuary.

1. Remember Your Why

Whether it's for health, the animals or the environment, it's important to remind yourself of what inspired you to try Veganuary. When you've spent most of your life seeing the world through a non-vegan perspective, it can be very easy for those blinders to go back up and for you to slip back into your old ways since that is what you're accustomed to. Watching videos, following vegan Facebook pages and reading books and articles about veganism is a great way to stay motivated and to keep your reason for doing this at the forefront of your mind. Some we recommend are What the Health, How Not To Die and Mercy For Animal's Facebook page.

2. Focus On What You Can Have, Not What You Can't

A mindset of abundance is the key to success. A surefire way to make your Veganuary a difficult experience is to focus on all the things you can't have. But if you instead switch your attention to what you can have, you'll find yourself trying all sorts of new foods you wouldn't have had before and realize that eating vegan is actually much easier than you thought. Embrace this month as an opportunity to be adventurous and try new foods. If you're craving some of your old non-vegan faves, just remember that there's an alternative to just about everything, and oftentimes the vegan versions actually taste better! However, if you're still finding it hard to resist your non-vegan temptations, we recommend you follow our first tip and watch a few videos to help train your brain to see meat, dairy, eggs and honey for what they really are and to remember the consequences of eating non-vegan. The goal is to see non-vegan food not as something that you can't have something, but rather as something that you don't want. When you get to that point, sticking to a vegan diet will be a breeze.

3. Be Kind To Yourself

If you slip up, don't fret it. Try again at your next snack or meal. It's also helpful to ask yourself what caused your slip up so you can learn from your mistake and prevent it from happening again. Was it your cravings? Social pressure? Not being prepared? And how did eating that non-vegan food make you feel? For many having those slip ups helps them get those non-vegan cravings out of their system once and for all because they realize the taste wasn't worth the consequences or maybe they find themselves not enjoying it like they used to and in fact feeling a little grossed out by what they just ate. In short, do your best and if you slip up, forgive yourself because there's always something to learn from it.

4. Have Fun With It

Find cool recipes, treat yourself to a delicious meal at a vegan restaurant or try some of the vegan options offered at places you already frequent regularly. And don't be afraid to try some vegan junk food. Treat yourself once in a while!

We hope these tips help you. If you've got any of your own, be sure to leave them below!


Written by: The Change District


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