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8 Summer Wardrobe Staples to Help You Stay Inspired at the Office

This post contains affiliate links.

8 Summer Wardrobe Staples to Help You Stay Inspired at the Office

Summer is about having fun. And the same applies to your office wardrobe. If you've got a case of the office blues from being cooped inside when everyone else seems to be out having fun, then you might just need to freshen up your wardrobe a bit to help bring the summer to you. Switch out your plain, dreary wardrobe for one that's lighter, brighter and a little more playful. These are eight of our favourite conscious fashion pieces for staying inspired in your summer 9-5.

1. LACAUSA's Alley Tank

Office commutes can sometimes be a sweaty affair. That's why this tank top by LACAUSA is your best friend. It'll help you stay cool, which means that you'll arrive focused and ready to tackle the day ahead, instead of distracted by how hot and uncomfortable you are. We also love that it's ethically made and a portion of proceeds from every purchase goes to charity.

2. LACAUSA's Rowan Trousers

Workwear pants don't get any beachier than this.

3. MATT & NAT's JESSE - Cactus Wallet

A sunny vegan, eco-friendly wallet for treating yourself to a vegan ice cream on your break. The unique design reminds you of the importance to have fun while the "Live beautifully" quote on the back reminds you to live compassionately and do what makes you happy.

4. GUNAS' Flamingo Bag

This vegan, eco-friendly bag has the perfect pop of colour to bring your summer work outfit together. It's classy yet fun, and the dual-tone design makes it easy to wear with just about anything.

5. Hurtig Lane's Mykonos Vegan Leather Watch

Accessories are one of the easiest and quickest ways to brighten up your look. This sophisticated, ethically made, vegan watch will also help bring out your tan.

6. Pura Vida Bracelet's Shore Break Pack

Nothing says summer more than friendship bracelets.

7. MATT & NAT's DARLA Sandals

Leave your high heels at home. What you need is a good pair of office chic sandals for the summer. Your feet get to stay cool and comfy, and if you want to go on a lunch time stroll, you can easily do that.

8. DIFF Eyewear's Becky Sunglasses

And finally, you can't forget some sunnies to protect your eyes from the strong summer sun. These oversized ones by DIFF Eyewear will not only add some glam to your look, they will also help make a difference in someone's life; for every pair purchased, another pair is donated.


Written by: The Change District


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