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Show Yourself Some Love This February

February is the month of love. Unfortunately, the one person we often forget to show love to is ourselves.

Self-love might seem a bit of an abstract concept. So what exactly is it? It's not patting yourself on the shoulder and simply saying "I love you," (although that can certainly be a part of it if). Self-love is self-care. It's taking the time to be kind to yourself by doing what's in your best interest, to evaluate and improve in all areas of your life because you deserve to become the best you, you can be. The beauty of this is that by being more loving towards yourself your heart becomes more open and in alignment with your soul, and that love will naturally flow to those around you.

There are endless ways to express self-love, or really just love in general, from the tiniest of actions to the biggest of actions. Ideally, everything you do should be an act of love filled with compassion and kind, heartfelt intentions.

Here are a few ways you can show yourself some more love this month.

1. Eat Healthy

Be gentle and kind to your body by feeding it nourishing foods for it to function at its best.

2. Treat Yourself

If you want cake, have cake. Eating healthy is not just about your body, but about your mind too, which means it's important for you to feel mentally satisfied with what you eat. So if one day you're craving some dessert after your meal, we say it's totally ok to have it. Just be sensible about it and keep junk foods to a minimum.

Another way you can treat yourself is by buying yourself something from your wishlist. Many of us have items in mind that we would like somebody to give us, but for some reason wouldn't go out and get ourselves. Whether that's chocolate, flowers, jewelry or maybe a fun subscription, you don't have to wait for someone to tell you you're deserving enough of it. If you really want it, why not go get it yourself?

3. Me Time

Make time for some "me time", whatever that means to you. It could be relaxing in a hot bath, reading, yoga, baking, etc. It's important to do things that you enjoy.

4. Monitor Your Self-Talk

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you always criticizing your body and how you look? Find exactly where these negative thoughts are coming from and understand that they are not yours. The idea that you have to look a certain way get ahead in life or to be liked is simply a judgmental, superficial, meaningless echo perpetuated by magazines, social media, etc.

Your body is simply a vessel. You are not your body. You are more than your body and should never judge your worth or anyone else's based on that.

Accept yourself as you are and let go of the beauty ideals that have taken a hold of your life. Life is short and it's not worth dedicating so much of your energy worrying about your physical appearance. How do you do this? Well, it's natural to want to find things to improve, so instead of constantly finding things to fix about your appearance, focus on how you can be a better person.

5. Be Yourself

You are unique. The world needs your light. Don't dim it by trying to shape yourself to fit into what society expects. If you love wearing crazy shirts, wear them. If you want to play in the park playground, do it. Being yourself and accepting who you truly are is the key to happiness.

Comment below which ways you plan on showing yourself some love this February!


Written by: The Change District

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