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Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon We're Loving

This post contains affiliate links.

Being eco-friendly has never been easier. Want proof? Check out all these cool eco-friendly items you can find on Amazon.

1. BagPodz Reusable Bag and Storage System

Regular reusable grocery bags are bulky, waste valuable space in your cart and are a hassle to carry around. BagPodz solves all of these problems. It's a super compact reusable grocery bag storage system that makes grocery shopping a smooth and easy process as possible. You can clip it onto your grocery cart and simply pull out bags one at a time as needed. And since the bags are machine washable, they're also fuss-free to clean.

2. KeepCup's Reusable Coffee Cup

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this reusable coffee cup adheres to barista standards, making it very easy to be eco-friendly on the go.

3. Ethique's Tip To Toe Shampoo & Shaving Bar

If you're a shampoo bar user, there's a good chance you get yours from Lush. We recommend you give Ethique's shampoo bars a try because not only are the ingredients much safer, sustainability is top of mind for Ethique. In fact, their aim is to become the world’s most sustainable cosmetics company. They're climate neutral, all their packaging is compostable and their goal is to have their office be zero-waste. What we love about this particular shampoo bar is that it doubles as shavings soap! (P.S. if you're wondering, the lactic acid used is vegan and comes from sugar.)

4. House of Marley's Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

You probably didn't expect to find headphones on this list, but there are eco-friendly options out there. And since headphones are one of those essential tech items everyone uses, the impact of everyone making the switch could be huge.

5. Michael Roger's Under the Sea Decomposition Book

Not your average composition notebook, this one is made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled pages, processed without any chlorine and printed with soy ink.

6. Bumkins' Wonder Woman Snack Bags

Being eco-friendly has never looked cooler. These snack bags are available in tons of fun designs like Batman, Super Mario and Zelda.

7. Bambaw's Cutlery Set

Say no to plastic and bring your own cutlery. What we love about this set is that it comes with a straw and a brush to clean it, two things many travel cutlery sets neglect to include.

8. EcoLips' Bee Free Lip Balm

It's winter so having some vegan lip balm on hand is an absolute lifesaver.

9. Bambaw's Cotton Buds

If you use Q-tips we recommend making the switch to these 100% biodegradable ones. There's 400 bamboo cotton buds in this box, which means if you dispose of them correctly, that's 400 plastic cotton buds saved from ending up in our oceans and landfills. 

10. TAVVA's Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

How cute are these? Besides their fun colours, what we love about these is that they're 100% watertight and leak-proof, yet very easy to open and lightweight. So go ahead and pop them into your bag, there's no need to worry about any spills.

11. KOOSHOO's Organic, Biodegradable Hair Ties

Regular hair ties take 500+ years to fully biodegrade. These plastic-free ones made of GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber take only 7. A portion of proceeds goes to Sea Shepherd.

12. FinalStraw's Collapsible Straw

Reusable straws don't really get any more travel friendly or fun than this.

13. Brush with Bamboo's Toothbrushes

Why do we love these toothbrushes? Because every part of them is plant-based: the bristles, handle, wrapper and the box. And unlike other bamboo toothbrushes that are made with 100% nylon bristles, these ones are bio-based and made with 62% castor oil and only 38% nylon, making them the more eco-friendly choice.

14. Triumph Plant's Gift Wrap That Grows

This gift wrap made from 100% recycled paper is embedded with hundreds of wildflower seeds! So instead of throwing it out when they're done with it your gift recipient can just plant it. It's basically a bonus gift.


Written by: The Change District


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