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Brand Spotlight: Thamon

This article is created in partnership with Thamon

Brand Spotlight: Thamon

Our Story

We were horrified when we found out about the level of cruelty inflicted on animals prior to slaughter. We then understood that the act of killing an animal for food was wrong. We were even more shocked to discover that livestock by-products account for over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions - killing billions of animals for human consumption and fashion was bad karma that was slowly killing us as well.

Everything is in balance, shift the balance and the balance will shift on you.

We want to make a difference and we need your support.

About Us

THAMON is a home of eco-friendly designs and products. We are an eco-design company creating pure fashion accessories from real tree leaves and leather alternatives materials. Our passion fuels our commitment to find alternative means of creating awesome, distinct and unique products from environmentally and sustainable resources - leaves.

We have created an incredible line of accessories made from fallen leaves. These materials are sustainable and create an increased demand for alternatives to leather and other animal skins. Our environmentally sustainable, fair trade and cruelty-free accessories are made for the ethical fashionista and beauty, fashion lover with a passion for a holistic lifestyle.

Why We Love Leaf Leather

Leaf leather is an innovative, plant-based material made from tree leaves that brings us closer to nature. Using plant-based products carries the natural energy of the Earth with you, and by using plants instead of animals, you are also exercising greater compassion.

Leaf leather is better than traditional leather because it's more environmentally friendly and since it's created from trees, it doesn't require the harming of animals.

It can be made just as strong and durable as animal leather. It can even be made to be water-resistant, like our own leaf leather is.

Our Process

All our products are handmade from the moment of picking up the leaves to bonding them and sewing them to create the final piece.

Our leaf fashion accessories are designed for both women and men, and are made with a dedication to craftsmanship and quality. The leaves come from sustainable sources. We use only fallen leaves that are collected by people within the local area. We send back a portion of money from our sales to those in need, as well as to our community of leaf collectors to help them make a living and support their family.

Our products are 100% vegan, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Our Designs

Every single item is unique due to the nature of no two leaves being the same and the process of making it by hand. The designs in our leaf leather gear are truly one of a kind - you get a unique piece of art that shows the beautiful variances of nature. 

We support the vegan community and recognized a lack of innovative plant-based leather alternatives, which fueled us to expand our collection and create more products.

We are all about offering conscious options and spreading the nature vibe. We love leaf leather because it captures the essence of leaves and their nature.

We launched with a range of collections made from leaves, but we are not stopping there! With your help, other materials and products will soon follow. Stay tuned.


Written by: Thamon
Website: thamon.co
Email: info@thamon.co


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